Raising Cane’s in Perrysburg is officially set for an early November grand opening, and the chicken finger chain is now hiring.

Perrysburg, Ohio – Editor’s Note: The above video first aired on June 30, 2022 as part of a relevant report.

Are you ready for chicken fingers and fries in the French Quarter?

The popular chicken finger chain announced Thursday that the wait for its Perrysburg location will end in early November.

Raising Cane’s has opened in Sandusky just over a year ago, but it’s the first to open in the greater Toledo area. The chain is opening 100 new restaurants in 2022 alone, bringing its total to nearly 700, with one of those locations bringing chicken fingers to 10576 Fremont Pike in Perrysburg.

In addition to news that is sure to excite Brandy throughout Northwest Ohio, Raising Cane’s will begin hiring more than 120 employees. Interviews will be held starting October 10 at his restaurant in Perrysburg.

Interested applicants can text RCJOBS to 97211 or visit the website for Kane’s job posting boost.



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