5G launched in India on Saturday and Airtel’s 5G service has gone live in top 8 cities with others following suit in the coming days.

Today, most buyers are buying a 5G phone, and millions already own one. So, if you’re in one of the top 8 metros where 5G has been launched, we’re sure you’ll want to experience all the hype surrounding 5G and the claimed data speeds.

Just having a 5G phone won’t get you service, at least not yet. And for those of you who are on Jio, Airtel or Vodafone Idea (Vi) network, you need to follow the steps below to start 5G service on your compatible phone.

How to use 5G on your smartphone

– First, check with your carrier if 5G is available in your area. You can contact Jio, Airtel or Vi customer support for details

– If the carrier has 5G in your area, make sure your phone supports the 5G bands offered by Jio, Airtel or Vi.

– Now go to Settings of your 5G smartphone, then tap on Mobile network option

– You will need to select the operator for which you want to enable 5G connection

– Tap on SIM 1 or SIM 2 and scroll down to get

The preferred network type


– Now enable the option

5G/4G/3G/2G (auto)

so that your smartphone can automatically detect the 5G network that works in your area and make it the default data connection option on your phone.

– You may need to update the software on your phone, so check your settings to see if there is an update with 5G-related features.

– Now restart your phone and 5G will start working if it is available in your environment/area.

As you may know, 5G is expected to deliver 10 times faster data transfer speeds than 4G, which means you may need more data bandwidth to make the most of 5G services. The telcos have mostly talked about making 5G more expensive than what you pay for 4G plans. The telcos will be updating their plans in the coming days, so we encourage you to stay tuned.

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