Chinese smartphone manufacturer Honor announced on Wednesday that it will be among the first to incorporate Google’s artificial intelligence capabilities into its upcoming devices.

Honor plans to integrate cutting-edge generative AI experiences into its future hardware, leveraging the power of Google Cloud for this endeavor. This integration will encompass Google’s AI assistant Gemini and Imagen 2, a text-to-image generation tool.

The move reflects a broader trend among smartphone manufacturers to enhance their devices with AI features, aiming to entice users to upgrade to their latest flagship models.

By collaborating with Google to integrate AI capabilities, Honor can leverage the expertise and resources of a leading tech company in this field. This partnership allows Honor to access the latest generative AI applications more efficiently, complementing its existing use of Google’s Android operating system on its smartphones.

Honor’s commitment to Google’s AI tools follows similar initiatives by other major players in the industry. For instance, Samsung announced a partnership with Google Cloud earlier this year to bring Gemini Pro and Imagen 2 to its devices.

Honor has already been exploring AI functionality in its devices, as demonstrated by the Magic 6 Pro launched in February. This device featured AI-powered technology that enables users to open apps simply by looking at their phone, showcasing the company’s ongoing investment in innovative features.