City of London Police arrest 17-year-old boy from Oxfordshire for allegedly hacking Rockstar servers, stealing gameplay footage GTA 6the source code of various games published by Rockstar and many other top secret materials.

Although the city’s police department did not share further details, several people on social media have claimed that the arrested hacker is the self-proclaimed mastermind “teapotuberhacker” behind the leak GTA 6.

Grand Theft Auto: 6 or GTA 6 is ready to be the successor GTA Vone of the biggest hits of the Grand Theft Auto franchise. GTA V was first launched in 2013 and has since become the second best-selling game of all time, generating over $6 billion in revenue.

The GTA 6 the leak was one of the biggest leaks the gaming industry has faced in years. The arrested 17-year-old boy is believed to be part of a hacking group called “Lapsus$”.

Lapsus$ has been making headlines for the past few months for breaking into some of the most secure data warehouses. The hacking group targeted several tech giants, including Samsung, Microsoft and NVIDIA. Earlier, the city police detained seven teenagers who were involved in these hacking incidents, including the “kettle-tuberhacker”.

A 17-year-old boy was arrested after other hackers leaked his address and name online. The hacker had several aliases under which he operated, including “Breachbase” and “White.” People following the case say the hacker made more than $14 million in cybercrimes before GTA 6 leaks.

Around that time GTA 6 leaked gameplay video, teapotuberhacker allegedly also hacked Uber. This was what many hackers claimed on Doxbin that GTA 6 and the Uber data breach was carried out by a person using the online aliases “Breachbase” and “White.” Doxbin is an underground website that is mainly used by people who post the personal details of any persons of interest.

A hacker with the nickname teapotuberhacker recently introduced the Uber Hack as a reference to “past work” by posting a leak GTA 6 video. This means that there is a strong possibility that “Breachbase”, “teapotuberhacker” and “White” could be the same 17-year-old. However, nothing official has yet come out in this regard. The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and the London police are expected to issue a statement on this matter soon.